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MN Rufflebutts!

Fluffy ruffles and buroomahs aplenty!

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Minnesota Rufflebutts - Gothic and Lolita Lifestyle!

This is a group for enthusiasts of the Gothic & Lolita fashion and lifestyle.

If you love Lolita, Aristocrat and any sub-genres therein, and live in Minnesota, please join!

♥ When you join, please post an introduction.
You can write about yourself, and post pictures of
your roriita-ness if you want. Pictures and information must
go behind a LJ Cut, it cuts down of f-list clutter for fellow members.

♥ Any pictures must go behind a cut, small teaser pictures are suggested.
Single event flyers are okay if event is relevant.

♥ If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.
Gosu Rori's love, not fight.

♥ No drama. None. If you have beef, keep it off the comm.

♥ Please tag your intro and photo posts with your user name.
It makes it nice and tidy.

♥ As long as everyone behaves and is sweet to each other,
this comm will be open membership.

♥ Now, know that that this is a Lolita community first and foremost,
so please stay on subject. If you find yourself really liking
Neo-Victorian and Steampunk stuff and don't find any of our meet-ups
to your liking, please check out the mn_aethernauts for more options :)

♥ If you go to meet-ups, please respect our group by coming dressed up if possible.
We are happy when people join us, but feel disrespected when people come to leer.
On the same hand, please don't cosplay (Chii from Chobits, Rozen Maiden, etc),
this is a legitimate subculture and one wouldn't cosplay as a punk or a goth,
so we ask for the same kindness.


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