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Umm, ok, so we have been not having many meet-ups. And we need too. Remember: People other than Samm and myself are allowed to plan meet-ups, so go for it.

Other than that, let's get some ideas out there. If there are any events that you are interested in, put in some feedback. If we don't have more meet-ups I may very well lose my mind.

Here's my ideas:
•Themed meet-ups: I got this idea from EGL actually, some girls are having a polka dot day. We could do something similar where we all wear a similar clothing article or accessory to fit with the meet up.

•Movie nights: we could pick an upcoming movie (Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland) to go to the premier of.

what happened to our monthly meet-ups? Let's find some cool free things to do!


Hello! *waves nervously*

First off, thank you kuronekohime for telling me about the community and giving me the opportunity to join! I really appreciate it ^_^

Ihave always been more of a timid fan of Lolita and its sub-genres I guess. I've always admired it from afar but have never had the guts to actually do it myself. Partly because of where I was at; the scenesters in Florida can be pretty petty and look down on you if you don't have it just right the first time around.

Another thing was that there are SO many types I have no idea where to even start finding something that might suit me. I have one baby pink frilly number a friend made and gave me but...*shudder* think of Natalie Portman from V for Vendetta...if she was 20 lbs heavier, darker and with a grown out shaggy hair cut. I look that bad, lol!

So hopefully I can learn a bit from what other people here about the the genre and all its little nuances and one day have something worth showing off in public, lol!

So hello everyone! Thanks for letting me on the bandwagon! lol!

Another concert....

...incidentally on the same day as the other...

I'm guessing that maybe some of you play video games once in a while.

"Distant Worlds" - Music from Final Fantasy

Orpheum Theatre - 910 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis.

Saturday, April 11th, 8:00pm
Tickets : $31 - $63
Ages : All Ages.

A very busy day, actually...

Concert heads up!

World/Inferno Friendship Society

4/11/2009 8:00 PM at The Triple Rock
629 Cedar Ave South, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cost: $12 adv/$12 day-of

18+ www.triplerocksocialclub.com

This is not an official meetup, this is an event I thought you might be interested in :)

A LATE intro...

Hi! I haven't been able to post an intro due to being TERRIBLY busy with my school's musical play. Its the first play in like 17 years so..yeah its a BIG deal. I don't really own any Lolita clothing, but I haven't had interest for a number of years!I wish I went to Kakkoi con cause then I might seen some of the local designers and local lolis!



Ok, much fun as our recent meetups have been, I think it may be time to meet someplace all ages, where we can hear each other, and where there is 100% no dicso ball. I was thinking about an inexpensive teatime, someplace in the cities, on a bussline. I'm looking into some locations, but right now, i want to know when people would be available in April. The remainder of March just seems too booked up for people.

I'm assuming weekends are best, but if I'm wrong, and weekdays are good for folks (particulary the self employed and un or under-employed) then that could certainly be an option. I'll start by saying im not free any tuesday ever, and not untill 4:30 on saterdays.

So, who would be interested, and when are you available?

PS: I plan on having the first two meetups of the year (birthday bash + voltair/fashion preview) in a basicly ready state, yearbook-wise, and will be bringing my computer to tea, to get the input of anyone interested.

Year book question- birthday pics?

Do I have this right that only Drayke and Scoundrell took pictures and the massive February b-day party? If anyone else took pictures, could they let me know?


Hi everyone! I'm a beginner sweet lolita who lives in the slightly warmer parts of this silly cold state. I'm totally into anything art and creative. I love having tea parties and messing around in wonderland. Also I hope to meet some new loli peoples as there aren't any living near me! 
Due to unforseen circumstances, none of us designers will be able to come out to Chamber tonight. Friday night's Voltaire concert and fashion event will still be taking place. We apologize for the short notice. Chamber will still be open and playing awesome music, so if you still want to head out, then by all means go out!


Music! Fashion! Burlesque! Merriment!

Come joing Apatico, Scoundrelle's Keep and Blasphemina's Closet for a preview of fine spring fashions before our trip to NY for Dances of Vice. Get a tiny taste of the looks before we come back in April for our full show! Get your picture taken professionally with fancy models!

And see amazing music! Lusurfer, Voltaire and some djs I've never heard of!

Do it!

Voltaire @ Ground Zero


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