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A gentle reminder

Sogencon - Elegant Wonderland Victorian Picnic

This is a post to remind you that waiting to register is not a good idea. The sooner you register for the picnic, the better idea I have of what I can do with it. Also, it give me an idea of how many people will be there. I know the tea last year went really well, but I had to do a lot of rushing and adding in the month before it since people waited. So, just a gentle reminder, even if youw ait to register for Sogencon until the last minute, please register for the picnic ASAP.

Today is June 7th. Sogencon is EXACTLY 2 months away.

We are ALIVE!


We just members lock everything.

So please, join!

But adhere to the rules or you will be buhleeted. We don't appreciate lurkers, trolls, meanies, freakazoids, pederasts, bots, unfriendly monsters, or any other types of unsavory characters.

Make sure you do an intro within a reasonable amount of time from joining or you may also be buhleeted. If we check your LJ and there is nothing, no "friends only" post, no friends list, nothing, you will be buhleeted unless you make an intro explaining who you are and what's up.

This is a drama free zone. You get one warning.

Please make sure to read all the rules on the profile :)


Bacchanalia - May 8th

May 8th, 2009


Friday, May 8, 2009 ~ 10:00pm-2:00am
Ground Zero Night Club
15 NE 4th St
Minneapolis, MN

Bac⋅cha⋅na⋅li⋅a[bak-uh-ney-lee-uh, -neyl-yuh]

–noun, plural -li⋅a, -li⋅as.
1. ( sometimes used with a plural verb ) a festival in honor of Bacchus. Compare Dionysia.
2. ( lowercase ) a drunken feast; orgy.
1625–35; < L equiv. to Bacch ( us ) + -ān ( us ) -an + -ālia, neut. pl. of -ālis -al 1 ; prob. modeled on volcānālia.

"Introduced into Rome from lower Italy by way of Etruria (c. 200 BC), the bacchanalia were originally held in secret and only attended by women. The festivals occurred in the grove of Simila near the Aventine Hill on March 16 and March 17. Later, admission to the rites was extended to men, and celebrations took place five times a month. According to Livy, the extension happened in an era when the leader of the Bacchus cult was Paculla Annia — though it is now believed that some men had participated before that."

The Libertine Asylum brings you a night of fashion, dancing and hedonism to celebrate spring.

Showing their new lines will be:

Blasphemina's Closet
Scoundrelle's Keep

Enjoy the talented women of Kajal as they channel the Maenads, the frenzied female followers of Bacchus.

Bacchanalia on Facebook


P.S. More info will be added to the Facebook announcement such as price of tickets when it's confirmed and other deatils. Currently it is 18+.

43 Members! Woo-Hoo!

I just checked the profile page and it looks like we have 43 members now! So, please, if you haven't posted an introduction, post one!

I would also love it if we had weekly themes, for photo posts. I really want to get the members active over here, and I tried that with the weekly discussion but I ran out of ideas. So if anyone has any ideas to for photo themes or weekly discussions PM me and we can talk about it.

Also, I think we should have another photo meet up, since it rained at the last one. We could go someplace a little more accessible this time (the Arboreetum was great, but we got lost! lol) like Como Park.

And if ANYONE knows of ANY events, ANY AT ALL, post about them! Let's get the rufflebutts out and about! blasphemina and I were talking about it a while back that we really need to get out and do more. IT doesn't have to be an official meet up, but like a concert, or a parade or even a little get together at a coffee shop. Everyone doesn't even have to show up, so if it's short notice don't worry about it. If you are passionate about a cause and having a rally for it, and think some of us might be interested post about it. Please be respectful of other people's ideas, if it's a cause you don't necessarily agree with don't be a jerk about it.

And remember: We have a flickr group. Post photos.

I have also just set the minimum security of posts to members only, since we have had some questionable journals watch but not join our community. If we are going to be posing meet-up info, I think this would be safer for us.


April 11th, Don't forget!

4/11/2009 8:00 PM at The Triple Rock
629 Cedar Ave South, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cost: $12 adv/$12 day-of

18+ www.triplerocksocialclub.com

I'm going. A know a lot of you are going. Jill Tracy was canceled so this is the next fancy pants concert I can think of. And it's only $12!

Now, I expect you to march down there and be fancy and shake your ruffly butts!

Brian Viglione from the Dresden Dolls, the fancy boy who modeled for me in NY, is also in this band. Wheeee!!!


MN_Rufflebutts Twitter?

Anyone interested in having an MN_rufflebutts twitter account? You could set it up to text you when there are updates about meet ups and the like. I could moderate it no problem, and if someone wanted to help that would be cool too. It seems like a good way to keep everyone with texting capabilities updated easily with out having to balance 100 phone numbers. I can see it being useful if there is a sudden change in plans for an event/meet up.

Ok, discuss.


tea time!!

Ok, its meetup time!

Seeing as Molly and Paige are in town for a one week engagement, but detour will be keeping many of us buisy over the weekend, I've set the time for 11am, Friday April 3rd. That's this Friday, folks.

We can meet up at the Russian Tea House, on University
1758 University Ave West,
St Paul, 55104.

Its just a straight shot down University from either downtown. The food is rumored to be affordable and delicious. We're going to try to take a peek and see what its like today. I've never actually been inside, but I've never heard a bad review of the place. So, if you plan to attend, please leave a comment to that effect bellow :)

One last important note- please try to get there as close to 11 as possible. Evidently the place gets crowded by noon, and we want to make sure that everyone who shows up can get a seat! Sorry, I know this is less than ideal, but dang it, we need a meetup! And this is affordable, open, and on a bus line.

Hope to see you all there!


MN Rufflebutts!

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